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50 French Expressions with AVOIR, Part 1

50 French Expressions with AVOIR, Part 1


This ebook contains 50 French expressions with the word "avoir" (have) as well as example sentences to help you enrich your French vocabulary! 🇫🇷


Each expression and sample sentence is accompanied with audio to help you say them and recognize them in conversation! 🗣


And everything is translated in English for easy understanding! ✅


A lot of times translation apps won't give you the right meaning for these French expressions, so let me help you!


In this 85+ page ebook you’ll find:


  • 50 common French expressions, including some informal ones.


  • Sentences from everyday life illustrating the expressions to help you use them, as well as their English translations.


  • An audio file in French for each expression and sample sentence to help you develop your French accent.
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