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The Ultimate Guide to French Cooking Terms

The Ultimate Guide to French Cooking Terms


This ebook will give you the tools to help you recreate a bit of Paris in your kitchen!


In this 30+ page ebook you’ll find:


  • The A to Z list of over 100 words used in French recipes, with their English translations and with French audio. 


  • 60 labels in both languages to learn the vocabulary of the kitchen, with French audio.


  • The list of kitchen staples of a French family and their translations, with French audio.


  • 6 tried-and-true recipes of the most familiar French foods, in French and English!


  • Several pages of infographics to illustrate the kitchen utensils and appliances, in French and English.


  • An explanation of French measurements and some of their conversions for ease-of-use in your French recipes.
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